Why work with us?

Our history began in 1991 and today we are considered the reference partner for the circular economy, thanks to the vast range of services and integrated environmental solutions that we offer to companies in every sector. Our desire is to create a world without waste together with you.

Our belief: a peaceful working environment and relationships based on trust are the best way to develop and implement innovative solutions to satisfy our customers.

Our goal: to guarantee a collaborative environment and the constant sharing of experiences and skills.

Mutual respect is a value that unites us, whatever our role, our background, our faith or the choice of our partner: we work to guarantee equal opportunities, valuing diversity and learning from each other.

Our corporate culture is based on shared commitment: we constantly invest in the development of our talents.

Our values

  • Responsibility – Make a commitment, implement consistent behaviors and manage their effects
  • Professionalism – Satisfying the needs of your interlocutors with efficiency, effectiveness and competence
  • Customer at the center - Satisfying customer needs, offering professional services and creating tailor-made solutions, also with the contribution of suppliers, to build "common" value and lasting relationships
  • Teamwork – Working in synergy for a common purpose and identity, each with their own responsibilities and skills, balancing corporate value and organizational well-being
  • Change and flexibility – Knowing how to seize/anticipate market opportunities, adopting innovative solutions and adapting processes, resources and skills in a timely manner
  • Growth and enhancement of people - Promote, in a serene and stimulating environment, the commitment, well-being, satisfaction and development of each person, enhancing their skills and aptitudes

Interzero promotes diversity, equality and prevents exclusion. Hiring decisions are made entirely on the basis of an individual’s skills and qualifications, regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, age or disability.

Work areas

Find out in which area you would like to make your impact on the world and gain satisfaction from your work.


We treat sales as more than establishing and maintaining relationships with clients, conducting negotiations, discussing our services in detail and building tailor-made solutions. For us it also means maintaining in-depth knowledge of a zero waste world, which we provide to our customers from the first contact.


This is where we meticulously provide a wide range of environmental services for our customers, take care to meet their needs in every aspect, constantly automate and improve the processes used to provide our services, as well as actively participate in the creation and implementation of tailored environmental solutions to meet customer expectations.


Our “traders” are experts in recycling, creating and maintaining contacts with treatment centers to ensure the recovery of even the most difficult, unusual or dangerous waste.

Environmental Consulting

Environmental consultants put their specialized, administrative and legal knowledge to good use by developing studies and/or expert opinions on environmental solutions, difficult situations or safely guiding our clients through the labyrinth of regulations and formal procedures related to environmental protection.

Business Support Functions

Departments such as Marketing, Digital/E-commerce, HR and IT provide the daily support necessary to provide professional services to our customers and propose tools and solutions aimed at improving Interzero’s operational services.

Finance and Controlling

Our colleagues in the Finance department ensure that accounting books are kept correctly, that the company operates in full compliance with current regulations, and that access to data, analysis and reporting is efficient and fast thanks to the use of modern tools.

Selection process

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You will have the opportunity to tell us about your professional experience, your talents and learn more about our proposals best suited to your characteristics and the job of your dreams

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A small example of your future job or a larger one, what we call the Assessment Centre, will allow us to better understand your skills and knowledge, whilst giving you further insight into how your potential fits into the role we are offering

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You will be able to enjoy the new career opportunities obtained by working at Interzero

What is it like to work with us?

I work at Interzero because..

every day you have an opportunity to make a difference. I like my working day because you always work as a team and when you work as a team you always know you have someone on your side


Team Operations

I work at Interzero because..

there is an atmosphere that makes me feel at ease: there is support, discussion and collaboration; the people are friendly and helpful and I felt welcomed and appreciated from day one


Team Operations

I work at Interzero because..

I can enjoy autonomy and confidence in making my contribution to the development of the company both internally and in the services and projects to be implemented with our customers and partners


Team Consulting

I work at Interzero because..

it allows me to develop my skills and take on greater responsibilities towards the company and customers. Interzero promotes a positive corporate culture that promotes employee well-being, collaboration, respect and mutual support. Constant growth favors the development of skills and the possibility of working on complex and stimulating environmental sustainability projects


Sales Team

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