Employees and Initiatives

One Team, One Dream:

Community, cooperation and dialogue: this is what we stand for. Our employees and partners are critical to our success. Together we create a future worth living and create added value for everyone.

Our common values ​​unite us, regardless of the task you pursue at Interzero, where you come from, what you believe in or who you love. At Interzero, in Germany alone, people from 41 different nations aged between 16 and 67 work. By appreciating our differences, meeting with interest and learning from each other, we promote equal opportunities for our employees. Our competence model serves a common understanding of our values ​​and offers orientation to employees at all levels. It forms the basis for defending our vision of “zero waste solutions” every day and finding the right ways to achieve it.

360° Feedback: together with hr Diamonds we are working on ourselves

As a company, we want to constantly improve. But we know that the key element lies in our employees. That’s why we worked together with hr diamonds on a strategy that should help every individual improve. With 360° feedback, employees are seen from every perspective and receive individual feedback. Questions like “What should you continue with”, “What should you start with” and “What should you stop with” are answered and lead to an exciting vision.

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