Environmental Management Services to support your Business

Corporate Waste Treatment Services, specific for every need, throughout the national territory

We manage all types of waste, from collection to treatment, to accompany guide along their sustainability path

Environmental Management

We develop customized and eco-sustainable environmental management solutions for each sector. We carry out 360-degree projects offering collection, selection, treatment, recovery and disposal services

Electronic waste management up to 500kg

R.A.E.E. waste means waste electrical and electronic equipment that requires special disposal. If your R.A.E.E. weighs up to 500kg, we offer you a fast and economical service including all collection and disposal phases

Toner Management

We offer the collection and recovery service for used toners of any make and model throughout the national territory with the guarantee of traceability up to the authorized treatment plant. We deliver one or more ecoboxes to companies for easier separate waste collection

Regulatory and Environmental Compliances

We are able to provide complete services that include:

  • Drafting of the waste loading and unloading register
  • MUD presentation (declaration of waste produced during the year)
  • Registration practices in the Register of environmental managers and other regulatory supports

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