is Interzero's solution for companies of any size interested in monitoring sustainability-related data.

With 30 years of industry and consulting experience, Interzero's Environmental Sustainability Dashboard is an indispensable tool for in-depth analysis of your environmental KPIs.

With a proven track record, Interzero is well equipped to enhance your organization’s sustainability initiatives, set goals, monitor progress, and ultimately improve your overall strategy

1 Context Analysis

  • Preliminary Analysis: Understand the client's unique context for effective sustainability planning.
  • Process Analysis: Define sustainability goals, relevant KPIs, and data integration strategy.
  • Macro-goals Definitions: Set up specific sustainability goals aligning with business objectives.

2 Data Analysis

  • Relevant KPIs: Define proper and comprehensive data for meaningful insights.
  • Available Data Analysis
  • Input Data Definition
  • Input Data Process Setup

3 Data Input

  • Input Data Template
  • Data Verification: Check data accuracy to ensure reliable results.
  • Data Input Support

4 Dashboard

  • Multi-level KPIs: Monitor the parameters for reporting purposes.
  • Reporting: Gain actionable insights at a glance.

5 Interpretation

  • Critical Reviews of Results: Help clients gain a deeper understanding of the data and its implications.
  • Focus on Specific KPIs: Gain tailored explanations.

6 Performance Improvement

  • Definition of Action Plans: Assess performance against KPIs and identify areas for enhancement.
  • Adjusting Goals: Tailor improvement measures based on the KPIs and objectives.
  • Support to Implementation


The Environmental Sustainability Dashboard is Interzero’s solution for companies of all sizes interested in monitoring sustainability-related data. Our dashboard provides easy access to various environmental KPIs such as energy use, emissions, water use, waste management and other environmental factors.

The calculations of the Environmental Sustainability Dashboard are based on the most important international standards:

  • Global Reporting Initiative – GRI
  • Green House Gases Initiative – GHG
  • Cumulative Energy Demand – CED

[Circularity index also for Italy]
The Interzero methodology is certified by GRI, GHG and CED organizations.

Our sustainability dashboard is fully compliant with the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and the European Single Reporting System (ESRS). We closely monitor the development of ESRS and commit to making any necessary adaptations to ensure continued compliance.

You can check the official declaration of GRI’s alignment with ESRS on the Global Reporting Initiative’s website:
Link to GRI ESRS Alignment

The Environmental Sustainability Dashboard is the strategic tool that helps your organization make data-driven decisions about your sustainability performance.

The Interzero Dashboard displays important environmental indicators and data in a concise and understandable format: the level of detail to be displayed can be adjusted to the needs of the user.

Interzero supports you with experienced advice on environmental impact assessment and reporting:

  • Context and data analysis, setting up/updating input data
  • Interpretation of the results
  • Performance improvement – setting goals, defining action plans, …
  • Ongoing support for dashboard management

By analyzing key environmental metrics, Interzero can identify inefficiencies, improve the company’s sustainability efforts, set goals, track progress and improve the overall environmental strategy.

Environmental Sustainability Dashboard plays a crucial role in helping companies review their environmental performance and take informed decisions. It provides data visualization and allows stakeholders to spot trends, set goals, measure progress and identify areas for improvement.

It strengthens transparency, accountability and sustainable practices.

Scope 3 impact calculations are conducted following established sustainability reporting standards such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), specifically GRI 305-3 and 305-5, as well as Greenhouse Gas (GHG) and Cumulative Energy Demand (CED) guidelines. It’s important to note that Scope 3 data collection is the responsibility of the client, and we provide tools and support to assist in this process.

It can include a wide range of data, including energy consumption data, greenhouse gas emissions, water use, waste generation and recycling rates, renewable energy production and other relevant environmental indicators.

The specific data included can be customized to fit the organization’s goals, industry and priorities.

All data is securely saved with AWS, the global leader in cloud computing in its Frankfurt data center. Our data security measures include regular security audits and compliance with GDPR and other relevant data protection regulations to ensure the safety and confidentiality of your data.

No, the dashboard does not generate a sustainability report. Instead, it offers KPIs that can be incorporated into a sustainability report.

Interzero can prepare a sustainability report for your company. The data generated by the dashboard is compatible with the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) requirements, making it suitable for inclusion in the report.

Certainly, we can craft a sustainability report tailored to your organization’s needs. The data generated by the dashboard conforms to the requirements set forth by the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), ensuring its suitability for integration into the report.

Pls contact our Sustainability Experts

The Interzero Dashboard provides data and insights required for sustainability reporting in the standard format of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI, 300 series). It enables organizations to collect, analyze and present environmental performance data in a standardized and transparent way. This data may be used to create sustainability reports, respond to stakeholder requests, meet reporting obligations and demonstrate the organization’s commitment to sustainability.

Interzero has extensive experience in measuring environmental impact using international standards, beginning with Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology. We have conducted numerous LCA studies across various industries, providing valuable insights into sustainability practices and helping companies reduce their environmental footprint.

Our expertise and commitment to sustainability make us a trusted partner for organizations seeking to enhance their environmental performance.

The Environmental Sustainability Dashboard provides organizations with multiple benefits as it provides a clear and concise visual representation of environmental performance and enables informed decision making.

  • To reduce the impact on the environment.
  • To meet legal and ESG requirements as they become more stringent and environmental performance is a growing focus.
  • To stay competitive. More and more consumers/buyers are making environmentally friendly purchasing decisions.
  • Communicating green also improves your image on the market. CALCULATION METHODOLOGY*

based on International Standards: GRI – GHG – CED.

*Certification ongoing


Our solution is customisable, answering yourcompany needs, on corporate or individual level.

It is a tailor-made solution based on individual needs and expectations.

After the first detailed discussion, Interzero assesses the needs of your organization and offers the best solution for your requirements.