The waste collection and storage phase represents a fundamental phase for optimizing waste management processes and thus reducing the environmental impact.

We develop tailor-made solutions to protect the environment. We provide companies with the best technologies for optimized waste management:

  • Eco-compactors
  • Smart bins – Smart bin
  • Waste balers and compactors
  • Reverse vending machine systems

Sielaff: recycling PET and glass bottles has never been easier

Interzero imports and markets high-end Reverse Vending Machines designed and manufactured by Sielaff in Germany and DPG Deutsche Pfandsystem GmbH certified for the management of the German security deposit

These are Eco compactors used to improve the quality of separate waste collection and increase the volumes collected through the selective and incentivized collection of PET bottles.

Through the adoption of an incentive system (eg discount vouchers) it will be easier to raise awareness and reward citizens for good recycling practices. Sielaff eco-compactors guarantee efficient collection thanks to the provision of compactors that reduce the volume of the bottles.

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Smart Solar Bins

Smart Solar Bins are powered exclusively by solar energy: thanks to the use of a small solar panel and an internal battery, they compact waste, avoiding accumulations.

They are latest generation waste containers, powered by energy deriving from renewable sources, and are equipped with advanced technology to communicate and optimize collection processes.

The main features are:

  • Compartment with pedal opening for the disposal of undifferentiated waste
  • Volumetric compression
  • Filling sensor, monitoring and alert via App
  • Connection to the IoT platform for remote monitoring and management
  • Customizable design
  • Solar panel for autonomous operation
  • capacity of 120/240/360 litres
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Orwak presses: your waste in less space

Interzero imports and markets high-performance waste collection balers on the Italian market that allow the main types of packaging waste to be compacted.

LepresseOrwak, produced in Sweden, are based on an innovative hydraulic concept.

We have different sizes of balers to satisfy individual requests depending on the volumes of packaging waste generated by your company .

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