The aim of COP27 is mainly one: to find and adopt solutions that allow us to achieve climate neutrality by mid-century and the use of 100% renewable energy by 2035.

The context of this United Nations Climate Conference is a difficult one, fresh from extreme weather phenomena and an energy crisis that compromises every link in the production chain. Despite this, promising data from recent months demonstrates the resilience of countries in the face of the climate crisis and has seen an encouraging improvement in data regarding recycling and the reduction of CO2 emissions. However, it remains essential to find a line of agreement to protect the future of our planet and coordinate on the solutions to be adopted with a view to the circular economy.

The actions to be implemented are, as indicated at COP21 in Paris, fundamental for the Planet. First of all, efforts must be intensified to try to limit global warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial temperatures ; therefore, limit the impact that industries have on the planet as much as possible. What are the objectives of COP27?

First and foremost, climate change mitigation through emissions reduction. We are on the right track, but there is room for improvement and environmental neutrality results are more achievable than ever. The use of new technologies and renewable energy sources, the energy efficiency of old equipment, the modification of management practices or consumer behavior are solutions that countries will have to implement by presenting containment objectives. The second point on the COP27 Agenda is adaptation to climate change and, consequently, facilitating climate finance and investment in sustainable energy resources in order to contain the damage .

The energy crisis and the climate crisis are aspects that need attention at the same time. The approval of climate laws to cut greenhouse gas emissions will be the first step towards achieving environmental neutrality and will affect the electricity, transport and heating sectors. The commitment to the energy transition towards resources that are not harmful to the planet and the cancellation of emissions is the topic that is closest to Interzero’s heart and to the companies that ask for our help to become an active part of the solution.